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Do you have a scheduled surgery? If this is your first time, it is completely natural to feel concerned or anxious. But by preparing yourself, mentally and physically, weeks ahead of your scheduled date, you can minimize your fears and whatever risks attendant in your circumstances.

Make Better Changes to Your Body

By preparing yourself physically, you are, in a way, preparing yourself mentally too. It's the idea of knowing that your body can handle the procedure that you become confident and mentally strong.

Let's face it: No matter how safe or quick the procedure may be, surgery will involve trauma to your body. The best thing you can do starting weeks ahead of your scheduled surgery is to develop healthy habits. You can no longer go back in time and relive your life, but you can do some things to help improve your health, both physically and mentally, between now and the date of your surgery. Doing so can help you recover faster, with fewer complications, and with less pain and downtime.

Stop Smoking

Do you smoke? Just stop. Smoking can increase your risk of infection and can lead to other complications. Ideally, two weeks before surgery is a good time frame to quit smoking. You can take nicotine replacement solutions or join support groups to make quitting easier.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol can pose life-threatening effects on you. It can increase the risk for liver damage or trigger excessive bleeding. If you have been drinking consistently, tell your doctor about how much and how often. To reduce post surgery complications, your doctor will tell you to stop or cut back on alcohol; some doctors will even advise their patients to lay off the liquor for at least a month before their scheduled surgery.

Eat Right and Manage Your Weight

Are you overweight? If you are, you may be at a higher risk for complications. Ideally, doctors recommend reducing weight only when the scheduled surgery is less than a month away. To avoid problems during or after surgery, you should also eat right. Nutrition is a vital component to healing.


Exercise should be a staple part of your preparation for surgery. By staying active in the days leading up to your procedure, it can help you in your recovery. Patients who exercised regularly before surgery were able to recover faster compared to those who didn't.


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