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Common Complications Arising from a Heart Surgery

In every medical operation, there are attendant risks. The same is true in an open heart surgery. In fact, the attendant risks are even greater since this is a major operation. Among these attendant risks include internal bleeding, cardiac arrest, lung problems, allergic reactions, infections, and other complications.

In the US alone, there are a lot of patients who undergo these heart surgeries. In fact, the number accounts for over half-a-million patients every year. These surgeries relate to procedures for heart valve repairs or correction, bypassing or widening blocked arteries or placing mechanical devices in the heart.

The survival rate for heart operations is greatly improving. In fact, recent medical innovations have greatly decreased the mortality rate. We owe that to minimally invasive procedures that pose a lower risk. Notwithstanding these innovations, there are still risks attendant to a heart operation.

Bleeding is a normal occurrence in a medical procedure. What's dangerous is excessive bleeding, which could result in severe loss of blood. Timely diagnosis should be made to address this.

Heart attack is one of the common complications in a heart bypass operation. Patients become prone to a heart attack due to the increased stress brought about by the procedure. This is prevalent among patients with high blood pressure or heart disorders.

Other complications include lung problems, which is due to fluid accumulation in the patient's chest area.


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