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Open Heart Surgery Facts and Tidbits

Open heart surgery is a procedure for the treatment of various heart diseases. When we speak of open heart surgery, it doesn't mean “opening the heart.” Rather, the patient's chest cavity is opened so that the surgeon can perform the procedure on the heart. This is also known as cardiac surgery and is usually performed on people suffering from congenital or valvular heart complications. This term also includes heart transplantation.

The earliest heart operations were conducted during the 19th century by noted surgeons such as Henry Dalton, Francisco Romero, Dominique Jean Larrey and Ludwig Rehn. In September 1896, Dr. Rehn successfully performed open heart surgery. Soon after, heart surgeries became more common. Most notable is the intracardiac correction operation, which was performed by Drs. C. Walton Lillehei and F. John Lewis. Another milestone came when local anesthesia was first used in an open heart surgery performed by a Soviet Union surgeon, Dr. Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Vishnevskiy.

Open heart surgery has greatly helped reduce mortality rates among patients suffering from heart illnesses. However, there are attendant risks therein. For instance, patients are exposed to the risk of ischemic attacks, internal bleeding and other complications. In particular, older people and those suffering from a serious medical condition are at higher risk.

But the benefits of a successful cardiac surgery can be worth the risk. These beneficial results may arise from a successful correction and repair of congenital heart defects, blocked arteries or defective heart valves. With the advancements of medical technology, the survival rate of heart surgeries is increasing.


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